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“An intriguing writer who breaks boundaries of all kinds.  James Joseph Brown takes us to little-known corners of the world with tremendous, transcendent authority. Bravo!”

-Cristina Garcia, author of Dreaming in Cuban, The Lady Matador’s Hotel & King of Cuba

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“James Joseph Brown describes the back-room, late-night aspects of completely different places in the world in ways that somehow bring them together into a single, multi-faceted reality. His stories set in contemporary Las Vegas shows a slice of the city rarely represented in fiction, described with the kind of entertaining exactitude only possible from a writer who clearly knows what it’s like to live and work and struggle here.”

-Maile Chapman, author of Your Presence is Requested at Suvanto

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“Brown’s unique narrative writing style…borders on the poetic and conjures haunting and thought provoking detailed images and emotions with just a few words and well-crafted sentences.”

-Brian Gelinas, author of American Odyssey

(photo credit Pijus Vyčas)